Life Science Networking


Paying-it- forward is our motto.

Building relationships is our game.

Establishing a community purposed to help is who we are!

The Networking Difference


First and foremost, the Life Science Networking group is here to help YOU present the best version of YOURSELF when it matters. Career transition brings a lot of questions to the table; questions with answers that are rather elusive. As such, our community consists of professionals that donate their time and expertise to our monthly events. Recruiters, hiring managers, transition coaching, resume writing, and interview skills are a few of the topics that are discussed in our small group sessions.

Team job Search

If you think you can find your next job or transition your career by yourself, you are in for a rough ride. I only know this, because I tried it. (SPOILER ALERT…It doesn’t work) The job search can be excruciatingly painful and frustrating. Don’t make it harder on yourself. By attending our events, you have instant access to a network that has been growing for 2 years. You will also quickly realize you are not alone, and that there are a lot of great folks out there that just want to help you! Surrounding yourself with positive people is contagious, and we want to keep it spreading.

Who Typically Attends?

Life Sciences is a purposely vague descriptor. The initial focus of the event was to help scientists transition from academia to industry. As a scientist who made the transition myself, I identified an incredible need for an event like this. As the event has matured, the Life Science Networking community has grown into something much more diversified. With that said, there will always be an emphasis in pharma, biotech, clinical ops and agriculture, but we are an INCLUSIVE community. Thus, if you are looking to expand your network, you are always welcome here!

LSN Attendees

and growing!

LSN Alumni

and growing!

Life Science Networking

I’ve created a pay-it-forward networking group that is purposed to help people kick start their job search through education, and connections with industry leaders in recruitment, hiring managers, career coaches, and the only resume writer I would ever consider working with. With more than 350 folks attended and 80+ alumni (folks that have found a job), it has become a premier networking group for folks interested in the life science industry.

As my way of paying-it-forward, I like to meet with folks to see if there are any advocates in my network that could be a helpful introduction. We will discuss what you’ve done, what you are looking to do, how the job search is going, and networking, of course! If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please fill out the contact form and I will reach out shortly!

Please fill out the contact form and I will reach out shortly!

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